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Design & accessories

We are based in Watford a specialist printing company that works with embroidery, sewing, and a number of promotional printing applications ie T-shirts, Bags, Stickers Vinyls. We can do an array of applications and specialise  in low runs for personal / small group needs. 

From Birthdays, Weddings, Easter, Halloween,  to Xmas.  Printing, Embroidering, Sewing on items that leaves a special mark which makes you unique, stand out from the crowd and reflect your personality in your personal choice of style.

Embroidered watford football club badge
traditional sewing
spools of colour on embroidery machine
childrens tapestry
embroidery on jacket
embroidery on denim
traditional embroidery
cap being embroided on via machine
embroidered work
traditional sewing


We have the state of the art embroidery machine, that can create a wide range of effective embroidery from simple designs to full blown portraiture.

We have in house wide range of art for you to select or even bring in your own design /picture

As you can see from traditional handicraft to state of the art machine embroidery brings to you a world of imagination to tweaking little sentimental things to having the latest cool style to be seen in. 

embroidery on shirt
printing on t shirt
embroidery on cap
embroidery on scarf
embroidery on handbag
embroidery on slippers
embroidery on a handbag
embroidery on a shoe
embroidery on a cap
embroidery on jeans
embroidery on socks
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sewing machine in action
cutting linen to length
sewn shopping bag
gift bag sewn
rolls of linen
sewn bees on purse
sewn shopping bag and printed
sewn gift bag


We have a selection of sewing machines, that can create a wide range of products like gym bags, shopping bags, gift bags, wedding bags, 

These can be done with various materials ranging from silk, light cotton to canvas, hessian rolls. The finished bags can either have embroidery applied or direct printing heated on

We can do repairs on various materials,
Please contact us for further details 

sewing machine in action


t shirt printed
allsort stickers
logo on viz jacket
vinyl cartoon character
t shirt design super hero
t shirt printed
selection of stickers
symbolic signs in vinyl

Promotional Printing

We have a selection of  specialised printing applications, from thermal printing onto teeshirts, bags, gym bags we can produce final logos weatherproof , for high-vis jackets, stickers for children’s school bags, bedrooms, bathrooms.

We can produce logos, typefaces, and again have a wide range of in house designs, slogans to copy from or you can bring in your own design or even make one up for you. From single colour print, full colour print and embroidery - your choice.

t shirt printed
shopping bag printed

Promotional Printing

printed workout of man doing pull ups


We provide a prompt online services, delivery to your door

Please fill in our online order forms  and before we go ahead with the printing we will send a drawing visual of exactly how you want the layout and finish of your order. On acceptance we then go ahead and print out your order and have it delivered to your door pronto.

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Delivery and  Materials

Due to  heavy demand and delivery of materials in the uk and abroad, We can only promise the final product to you within 28 days however we endeavour to get the item/items to you much earlier. And should be able to let you know at the time of order.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for visiting …

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel either by email or mobile with any enquiries. 

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